Dr. John Draper

NSPRA National Consultant

Engaging Presentations About  Public Schools

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Audience Feedback

Attendee Comments from NSPRA National Convention Keynote:

One of the best presenters I have ever had the opportunity to attend.

John is an amazing leader and storyteller. This was the second time to hear him and both times I have come away with ideas and a brighter outlook.

John presented a powerful framework for talking about what you believe, using the language of the listener, and telling stories that bridge gaps. I was so impressed I waited in line to get his autograph and a photo with him. He wrote to me, "Keep sharing those stories." And I will.

This guy was special. Memorable. The book was a great touch for those who want to go deeper. The presentation touched on so many essentials of our work and the challenges of our schools. A surface conversation was not going to cut it. Good combination of message and technique.  

I LOVED this speaker. I used his clapping exercise (illustrating the need to simplify what we think the community is hearing from us) in my school cabinet meeting. His heartfelt examples and practical advice made for a compelling presentation.

The best I've seen at an NSPRA conference in the 11 years I have been attending! Inspiring, engaging, motivating...everything we need to get us fired up to tell the stories of our schools!

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Attendee Comments from the Pennsylvania School Boards Conference:

The presentation was uplifting and very enjoyable. It evoked pride in being an educator!

Superlative, amazing. John was phenomenal.

Inspiring, useful. I can use it TODAY! Excellent presenter!

John’s presentation was jam-packed with useful information presented in a timely and fun manner.

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