Dr. John Draper

NSPRA National Consultant

Engaging Presentations About  Public Schools

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"I learned, I laughed and I cried!  It was a terrific inservice!"  
                                                                                      California District Teacher
"The best keynoter NSPRA has ever had!"  
                                                                         National Conference Attendee
"Who knew research could be so fun?!"  
                                                  Ohio State Superintendents' Conference Attendee

Photo by Jim Cummings, Glendale, AZ

Crucial Conversations About America's Schools--the Talk, the Truth and the Crucial Conversations educators must lead.  Excellent for all educators and those interested in improving public schools

Common Sense--Not so Common Anymore!--trust is the glue of life . . . a back-to-basics presentation on how to build trust among students, teachers and administrators. Excellent for all administrators

Turning Negative Heat Into Positive Energy
--how to lead change without losing your job.  Essential for all leaders. 

Stronger Together--"How can I put average teachers with below average students and expect above average results?" Research provides a possibility but it requires thoughtful, intentional motivation. Excellent for teachers and administrators

Waltzing Home from Work--
how do you interact with students in a manner that de-escalates, not escalates, the problem?  Perfect for teachers and anyone who works with students.

Paddling Upstream in a Public School Canoe: Public Schools That Work-
-why do groups of elected officials, from the state house to the White House, feel justified in criticizing public schools?  Discover the unexpected root of the problem and Seven Habits for Highly Collaborative School Leaders. Knowledge gives power to combat the myth of failing public schools.  Designed for school leaders and school districts.

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